2017-2018 Site Based Decision Making Council Members

Anissa Hendricks (Principal) 270-887-7270

Cara Osborne (Teacher) 270-887-7270

Veronica Barbee (Teacher) 270-887-7270

Alyssa Hollimon (Teacher) 270-887-7270


Lester Buckner (Parent) 

Angela Mayes (Parent)


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The Millbrooke SBDM Council met April 17, 2017 in regular session. The meeting was called to order by Anissa Hendricks at 3:03 p.m. The minutes from March 20, 2017 and the agenda were approved by consensus.

Anissa Hendricks - Principal
Michelle Nichols - Teacher
Cara Osborne - Teacher
Lisa Pinson - Teacher
Angela Mayes - Parent
Absent - Michael Dillard

• The KPREP Awards ceremony was a terrific night for recognizing our students. The ceremony was held at First Baptist Church and was well attended.
• The District 4-H Speech Contest was held and our students did very well. Many will be advancing to regionals.
• The District 3rd grade Multiplication Bee was held and our 3 students represented Millbrooke well.
• The Students vs the Staff basketball game was played to benefit Rotary.
• This is the final STEM week. The committee will decide which projects go to the District PBL/STEM Showcase that will be held on May 11th.
• Representatives from Farm Bureau Insurance came and read to our 3rd and 4th grade students. They also donated the book they read to our library.
• Willy Wonka, this year's 5th grade music performance, was a great program. Having a 5th grade musical is an annual event. Our students did fabulous. Thank you to Mr. Aaron Jones, Ms. Jeri Lynn Frye, and Mrs. Robin Crosby for all your hard work.
• At the Pennyrile Children's Advocacy breakfast 3 of our students spoke in recognition of Child Abuse Month.
• Millbrooke's Beta Club visited the Chapel House and had an egg hunt with some of the residents. This was a great service project.
• This morning we shared the K-2 iRead March Madness Challenge results. Four
students per grade level, who worked and completed the most topics on iRead in the month of March, were recognized. These students were able to shoot basketball for additional prizes.


We are still in the midst of MAP testing. Right now, we are working on 2nd grade and any make-ups we may have. Next month, Mrs. Hendricks will be able to share the Spring MAP results.

We are now compiling the results from our Spring District Benchmark testing to share at our District Data Exchange on May 25th.

Mrs. Pinson developed an end of year math assessment for K-1 students. She went into every 1st grade class and gave the test herself. In first grade classes there were only a few novice students and in Kindergarten there were no novice students. She met with teachers to go over data and to make plans for next year.

There are 9 days until KPREP testing. We have intentional plans in place for 3rd - 6th grade students. For example, 4th grade teachers are using morning assembly time to help their students in small groups and 3rd grade teachers are grouping students across the grade.

Some 3rd-6th grade students still need to sign the walls for their scores. Students are also earning points for the KPREP Karnival.

• KPREP Countdown continues
• 30-60-90-120-150-180 day plan has been completed. We will share the results with the district every 30 days.
• Mrs. Hendricks met with Mrs. Gemmill and her team at her Collaborative Planning meeting. She was able to share some concerns she had about our building along with our staffing/funding needs.
• KPREP volunteers are now being trained by Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Gilkey to help with testing. All teachers are being trained.
• We are also planning for end of the year events such as field trips and our award ceremony.
• Shaye Watts and Kandy Garrett will be retiring at the end of the year.

We have submitted our Program Review at the district level for the District Audit. Mr. Bugg and Ms. Ankeny represtented Millbrooke at the District Audit. Our assurances have been turned in.


A motion was made and passed by consensus for the 2nd reading of the Planning and Resolution of Issues Regarding Instructional Practices Policy to be passed as written. This is now a policy.

We have almost spent all SBDM money that was allotted to Millbrooke for this school year. We have enough to finish the year.
PTO and Childcare have gone together to purchase new playground equipment.

• Mrs. Osborne enjoyed our planning day. Mrs. Osborne and Mrs. Ezell held an Easter Egg Hunt for the children of our staff members. This was a very beneficial team building experience.
• Mrs. Mayes thought Willy Wonka was amazing! The students were awesome. Kudos to all the hard work put into it.

• Mrs. Hendricks is very proud of our KPREP Awards recipients, 4-H District Speech winners, 3rd grade District Multiplication participants, Willy Wonka participants, and iRead winners. Our students are awesome!
• A huge thanks to Cara Osborne and Ashlie Ezell for organizing the 1st annual Millbrooke staff's Children's Easter Egg Hunt. This was great for team building.
• There are 9 days until KPREP. We are excited!
• Our Rotary support total was over $3000.
• Mrs. Hendricks appreciates everyone's hard work!
• On May 1, I will attend a town hall meeting in Henderson County to hear Stephen Pruitt, the Kentucky Commissioner of Education share information about our new accountability model.
• The SBDM election will be on May 11th. Vote!

The next regular scheduled SBDM meeting will be on May 15, 2017 at 3:00 in the conference room at Millbrooke School.

The meeting adjourned at 3:45 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted,
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