2016-2017 Site Based Decision Making Council Members

Cara Osborne (Teacher) 887-7270

Lisa Pinson (Teacher) 887-7270

Michelle Nichols (Teacher) 887-7270


Michael Dillard (Parent) 

Angela Mayes (Parent)


                                                                                                 Most Recent Approved Minutes


The Millbrooke SBDM council met August 15, 2016 in regular session.  The meeting was called to order by Anissa Hendricks at 3:10 p.m.  The minutes from June 1, 2016 and the agenda were approved by consensus.



Anissa Hendricks - Principal

Michael Dillard - Parent

Lisa Pinson - Teacher

Cara Osborne - Teacher

Angela Mayes - Parent

Michelle Nichols - Teacher 


  • Home visits are complete.
  • We had a successful Open House.
  • Great first week of school! Our numbers are down a little. We have 720 students.
  • On line registration participation went well. We are down to 7 students (4 families). 


  • Our main focus is improving student achievement. We focus on this at each of our meetings, with decisions made with that in mind.
  • Kindergarten started Brigance testing this morning. This test will show readiness for our students. It will take a little while to test each student. We want the results to be valid.
  • Mrs. Riley is screening all 1st grade students to see who will need to be serviced this school year.
  • There are assessments being given in each of our classrooms to determine level of abilities and knowledge.
  • The RTI committee will meet the last week of August.
  • MAP window opens August 29th. Kindergarten through 6th grade will participate.
  • System 44/ Read 180 students will complete reading inventory so we can track their progress.
  • We have received individual KPREP results. However, Mrs. Hendricks can't share any of that information quite yet.


30-60-90 day plan is due to the board today.  This includes what teachers are going to do for our GAP students.  We will use the ELEOT instrument, along with PGES, to observe.  Our staff will be trained at the next faculty meeting.   Mrs. Hendricks shared the 30-60-90 Plan with the council. 

2nd through 6th grade will use Data Binders.

Mrs. Gilkey will teach PATHS guidance program to K-2 classes as directed by the Board. 

The Assessment Plan was shared with the council.  Assessments are given throughout the year.  As the year progresses Mrs. Hendricks will share the results of these assessments with the council.

There have been staffing changes made since the last meeting.  Millbrooke welcomes the following teachers:  Tori Lynn, Nikki Jones, Chris Arnold, Emily Russell, Veronica Barbee, SheRon Taylor and Christina Vandall. 

Classified Staff:  Rosemary Lewis, Bridget Drake, Esherika Price and Cindy Miles.

Other changes - Mrs. Kandy Garrett will teach 2nd grade math.

                              Courtney Meredith and Whitney Gray transferred to Trigg County.

                              Lisa Pinson will be our Curriculum Coach.

                              Jon Richardson will teach 3rd grade.

                              Cara Osborne was selected to our SBDM council to replace the departed       

                              Whitney Gray.

                               Amanda Hesson to Kindergarten from interventionist last year.

Mrs. Hendricks shared Managing Government Records - A Cooperative Undertaking and Your Duty Under the Law - KY Open Records & Open Meeting Act with the council.


No results from KDE yet.

There will be a few Program Review changes.  Anita Hopson, the district Program Review contact person, is going to a meeting on Thursday.  Our SBDM council will sign assurances that content will be taught monitored as one of the changes to Program Review.


Mrs. Hendricks presented the By-laws for council review.  A motion to accept the amended by-laws passed by consensus. 

The Emergency Plan Policy was presented for review.  A motion was made to accept the amended plan and passed by consensus.

The new Grading Policy was presented.  A motion was made and passed by consensus to accept the Grading Policy as written.  

SBDM officer elections were held.  Lisa Pinson will be the Vice Chair and Tristy Allison will be the Secretary.


August Activity Fund money totals were given to the council.

The Great American Fundraiser will begin on Monday, August 22nd.


Michelle Nichols states that she has made it through a week of kindergarten.  Having less than 32 students made it nice.  The year has started really well and their first field trip is scheduled.  Brigance testing starts this week.

Michael Dillard commends the staff and administration for being so versatile.  He knows his students are fortunate to be here.  Go Cardinals!

 Angela Mayes states that Open House was fabulous and that On-line registration was perfect.  

Lisa Pinson says that Growth Mindset Professional Development began before school even started.  This got her in the right mind state for the New Year.

Cara Osborne says that her fourth graders are fantastic!  Day 3 and they are already jumping into curriculum.  As a parent her kindergarten boys loved their first week of school.


  • Hats off to ALL students and staff for a wonderful start!
  • Greg Babb, Bobby Babb, and Anthony Arnold, the custodians, have been working hard to get the building ready and have done a great job.
  • Thanks to the Chamber and our Partners In Education, Higgins Insurance and Cornerstone, for our Back to School breakfast and all of their ongoing support.
  • Thanks to Christ Community Church for hosting our Back to School lunch and Cardinal iSoar print with our signatures.
  • Thank you to our council for being willing to serve on the SBDM Council at Millbrooke for the 2016-2017 year! It's going to be a great year of Soaring!



The meeting adjourned at 4:30 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,



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