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2017-2018 Site Based Decision Making Council Members

Anissa Hendricks (Principal) 270-887-7270

Cara Osborne (Teacher) 270-887-7270

Veronica Barbee (Teacher) 270-887-7270

Alyssa Hollimon (Teacher) 270-887-7270


Lester Buckner (Parent) 

Angela Mayes (Parent)


                                                                                       Most Recent Approved MinutesThe Millbrooke SBDM Council met January 22, 2018 in regular session. Anissa
Hendricks called the meeting to order at 3:02 p.m. The agenda and the minutes
from November 27, 2017 and December 7, 2017 were approved by consensus.
Anissa Hendricks - Principal
Alyssa Hollimon - Teacher
Angela Mayes - Parent
Veronica Barbee - Teacher
Lester Buckner - Parent
Cara Osborne - Teacher
Guest - MecKenzie Heckman - student teacher
 Sixth grade Academic Team members participated in the Academic
Showcase at Heritage Christian Academy in December. They scored very
well in Written Assessment and received third place. These students are
very good role models for our 4 th and 5 th grade Academic Team members.
 Several Millbrooke students participated in Campanile's production of
 We have had three grade levels recently participate in Service Projects. 1 st
grade had Tony Winfield from Western State Hospital came in to talk to
students. They also collected items to share with the residents. 1 st grade
students also went to Walmart to ring the Salvation Army bell.
4 th grade students helped Brice Long's Back to Back program by wrapping
Christmas gifts for families in need.
6 th grade students collected items for Grace and Mercy children.
 K-Kids bought gifts for the Forgotten Angels and rang the bell for the
Salvation Army.
 4 th grade students visited Martin Luther King Elementary with the Delta
Rural Project. Our students were very well behaved.
 6 th grade KYA students went from Saturday - Tuesday to
Louisville/Frankfort. Mrs. Cansler is the sponsor. Ben Pace won an award.
 Happy Feet, through Shoe Carnival, distributed 30 brand new pairs of shoes
to kids that need them in our school.

 2 nd and 3 rd grade students performed at Millbrooke's Christmas Program. 6 th
grade Band members also performed. These students had two
performances and did an outstanding job.
 Our 5 th grade musical cast is complete for Aladdin, Jr. Mr. Aaron Jones says
they are really on it and doing very well learning their parts.
 Ryan Clark with Great American came and hosted a pig race for students
that sold 10 or more items in our Great American fundraiser.
 Mrs. Owen and Mrs. Hendricks went to the United Way dinner. Our school
was recognized for earning the Chairman's Award. Mrs. Gemmill
commended our staff for earning this award.
 Beta invitations have been sent home. These academically oriented
students will participate in service projects. Beta induction will take place
at the end of January. The following officers were recently elected.
President - Caroline Payne
Vice President - Zach Moss
Secretary - Kendall Mayes
Reporter - Madison Allen
Representative of Members - Malcham McKee
Representative of Candidates - Olivia Ray
 Mrs. Hendricks shared common assessment results that showed the
number of students that scored novice or apprentice. This report helps
show teachers which students they need to focus on.
 Mrs. Hendricks shared the District Case Assessment results given in grades
2-6 in December.
 On December 18 th we had On Demand Writing Day in Kindergarten through
6 th grade. Alyssa Hollimon presented "super hero" writing tips during the
week to help get students prepared to write. Teachers brought the results
to a meeting that Alyssa Hollimon chaired. Teachers analyzed the data.
The data reminded everyone that students need to write daily to build
fluency. The results from 12/18/17 are as follows:
Novice - 12
Apprentice - 12
Proficient - 29
Distinguished - 8

First Grade
Novice - 10
Apprentice - 57
Proficient - 15
Distinguished - 0
Second Grade
Novice - 22
Apprentice - 61
Proficient - 11
Distinguished - 0
Third Grade
Novice - 36
Apprentice - 62
Proficient - 16
Distinguished - 0
Fourth Grade
Novice - 29
Apprentice - 57
Proficient - 13
Distinguished - 0
Fifth Grade
Novice - 25
Apprentice - 59
Proficient - 30
Distinguished - 3
Sixth Grade
Novice - 6
Apprentice - 54
Proficient - 34
Distinguished - 3
 During PLC's, administration met with teachers to update the RTI list. They
look at several different data points to get this list. This list includes
students not working on grade level.
The information below compares the number of students on the RTI list
from fall to winter.

Kindergarten 0 to 14 students
1 st grade 42 to 34 students
2 nd grade 40 to 42 students
3 rd grade 30 to 30 students
4 th grade 70 to 63 students
5 th grade 16 to 19 students
6 th grade 34 to 39 students
Kindergarten 0 to 20 students
1 st grade 0 to 26 students
2 nd grade 11 to 26 students
3 rd grade 22 to 25 students
4 th grade 27 to 36 students
5 th grade 40 to 50 students
6 th grade 51 to 43 students
We are providing small group instruction, early morning instruction, and
Surge, among other interventions to get the numbers to 0.
 Due to the snow days, science teachers that were scheduled to develop TCT
assessments has been cancelled. We are working on teaching and
assessing new science standards at the school level and will share the
 February 6 th will start our KPREP countdown in Morning Assembly. We will
be 50 days out from this date.
 3 rd - 6 th grade students have started earning tickets for Good Faith Effort, as
well as for scoring proficient and distinguished on Learning Checks. These
tickets can be used at the KPREP Karnival scheduled in the spring before the
start of KPREP.
 Our next school-wide On-Demand Writing Day is February 26 th . The type of
writing students will complete is informational writing.

 Lisa Pinson is organizing our College Day. We let students know that the
expectation is to attend college upon graduation. College Day helps expose
students to this possibility.
 Staffing changes - Instructional Assistants Joanna Opolka and Kelly Snyder
have resigned. Cayce Higgins replaced Joanna Opolka. She started on
January 22 nd .
 Mrs. Hendricks had her mid-year evaluation with Mrs. Gemmill last week.
We have spent 96.2% of our allocated SBDM funds. We do have fundraiser,
Zaxby's, picture, and Box Top money we can use.
Mrs. Hollimon states that when she looked at the data presented, second grade
students shined. She can hardly wait for them to get to 5 th grade.
She also said that as a parent the KYA experience was an amazing experience for
her 6 th grade student, giving him an opportunity to learn more about government
and responsibility.
Mrs. Barbee states that her sister that lives in Illinois told her about a laundry
detergent fundraiser that her child's school is doing. They sold laundry detergent
in bulk and were making a lot of money. She will get more information on this.
Mrs. Osborne commented that 1 st grade Surge is amazing. She has witnessed her
sons improve their reading levels, want to read, and develop a sense of
Mrs. Mayes states that her child has really improved. There is an excitement
about Accelerated Reader in 4 th grade. She said she appreciates everything
everyone is doing.
Mr. Lester commented that his student loves to read.
 The district walk-thru went well. We had excellent feedback. They were
extremely impressed with Surge.
 Thank you to the PTO for hosting another successful Santa Shop.

 Thank you to SBDM council, administration, and students that came to the
board presentation. The students' loved talking about Surge to the board
members and how it is an important part of our daily routine.
 I appreciate Allyssa Hollimon and all her hard work getting ready for our
school-wide On Demand Writing Day.
 Thank you to our guest readers that came to read to students during our
Holiday Reader Day. We even had grandparents that came in to read.
 Administration did a candy cane drop in December for our car rider parents
during arrival. They enjoyed seeing everyone and had a great time.
 Congratulations to students that received the 2 nd 9 weeks PBIS reward.
They made slime and jumped on bouncers. We are very proud of these
students that worked so hard. Thank you to Mrs. Owen for organizing this
and the Watch Dog dads who helped chaperone.
 We had a successful first semester. We had many Principal's List, Honor
Roll, and Cardinal Effort recipients.
 I'm proud of our students for their hard work on all of their recent
 Thank you to Lester Buckner for taking over our boy's group.
 Congratulations to January Students of the Month. We are in the process
of recognizing them. Mrs. Hendricks loves having the teachers read the
good things they wrote about each student.
 I appreciate everyone who supported Makenzie Johnson (staff member
Melissia Johnson's daughter) at the Papa John's fundraiser.
 Upcoming events : Sanctuary visits, Beta Club induction, Student of the
Month breakfast, TILT, District Governor's Cup, KPREP countdown starting
in morning assembly, and the STLP Showcase.
The next regular scheduled meeting will be held on February 26, 2018 at 3:00
p.m. in the conference room.
The meeting adjourned at 4:10 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted,
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