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Mrs.  Norma  Tucker
5th grade Reading Teacher
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SNOWSMART activities

SNOW DAY Assignments 

Students can log into their RAZ Kids account. Your username and password are in the back of your agenda as well as your folder.Read the assigned Reading. THERE ARE MANY BOOKS ON YOUR LEVEL!!!!! CHOOSE ONE!  These readings are based on your reading level. After you read, answer the questions provided while looking back in the passage for the answers. You will recieve a reading grade for the question activity.

On a piece of notebook paper, respond to your reading for the day. Choose one sentence starter from 5 different categories (for a total of 5 sentence starters) and use these to form your 1/2 page response to your reading. The categories and sentence starters you can pick are located in your folder. Notice you have information titled Snow Day 1, Snow Day 2, Snow Day 3.  Complete work for each missed day.  All must be complete upon returning to school.