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Academic Topics & Help
Tutoring In OUR Community

This site will give you information about an in-home tutoring service provided in our community.

Ideas for helping your child with academics

Check out this site with great activities for you and your child to do together!

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy provides free educational resources on various subjects. You do not have to sign up to take part in the tutoring, however, if signing up, you can create a tab for your child or even for yourself to learn about different subjects such as math, science or history and keep track of the learning progress made. What else? Lebron James asks education related questions of his own and you can discover the answers!


This site has free online practice problems for various grade levels and various subjects.

Test Taking Tips

Tips for test taking and how to prepare for testing as well as how to handle the stress sometimes caused by testing.

Bully Bust

This site provides students, parents and educators with information about bullying. Take the "upstander" pledge here today!

Kids Health

An overview of bullying and how to handle bullies.

Kentucky Safe Schools

Join the “Safety Team,” take every “Opportunity” to use your “Power” to S.T.O.P.! Bullying, Violence and Risky Behavior in our Schools!


Take the S.T.O.P. pledge here and obtain access to other resources as well.

Helping Your Child Through a Divorce (Article)

This article gives advice on helping your child handle a divorce in the family. You can also access many other topics for parents, kids, teens and educators on this site.

Gifted and Talented
Christian County Gifted and Talented Information

This link takes you to the Christian County District Webpage section for Gifted and Talented. Here you will find information about the program, identification, opportunities and resources.

National Society for the Gifted and Talented

Information and opportunities geared toward gifted and talented students.

The Center for Grieving Children

This website provides resources such as activities, articles, and books to help children in handling the loss of a loved one. There are even resources to include teenagers, adults and the whole family.

Pet Loss

How to help children cope with the loss of a pet.

Health & Wellness
Nick Jr.

Asthma, going to the dentist, home safety, recipes and a wealth of various topics with activities and resources.

Another site with a wealth of information (all the way down to creating a budget) and even games related to health and wellness.


The site provides resources for dealing with a range of emotions such as anger or sadness.


Numerous articles about friendships - making friends, playing nicely, what to do when arguments arise, the list goes on with all the information that this site provides.

Friendship Ideas

This site provides ideas for kids about how to be a good friend.

FAQ about MAP

Want to know what MAP stands for or what the score means for your child? Check out this link for some Frequently Asked Questions!'Guidance'&Page='Presentations'&iSection='Guidance'&CorrespondingID=&StaffID=

Military Families
School Quest

What is SchoolQuest™?

SchoolQuest is an educational resource tool. Its three primary purposes are to:

  • help transitioning families search for appropriate schools in their new home areas,
  • assist military-connected high school students and their parents plan for college, and
  • offer research–tested Military Child Education Coalition® support to students in transition.

In addition, SchoolQuest includes a Library of timely resources and a blog for sharing ideas.


*** From the FAQ page at

Activities for Military Families

Sesame Street presents activities and tools for military families.

Response to Intervention (RTI)
Response to Intervention

Information on the RTI process.

If your child is in the RTI program, also check out the links under academics for ideas on how to help.