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Jenifer  Shearon

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6th grade Science and Social Studies-FT Sub


6th Grade National Park Research Project


·       Choose a National Park to research.

·       Give a brief history of the park. Include any special features in the park. Explain how the park received its name. Research its location, map coordinates, how many visitors a year, and the area of the park.

·       Identify the most popular hiking trails in the park. Give a brief description of each trail. Include how long the hike is. Is it a moderate, easy, or difficult hike? Identify any special features the hike might have, waterfalls? Lakes? Historical landmarks?

·       Identify 5 interesting facts about the park. What are things that make it unique? Why do people travel from far places to see the park?

·       Identify 5 interesting things to do at the park for kids or families. For example, camping, fishing, hang gliding, skiing, rock climbing? Include a brief description of one of the activities. Is there anything that you must have in order to participate in the activity? Or is the equipment provided?

·       Identify three different towns/cities that are near the national park. Give a brief description of each town and what there is to do in that town.

·       Create a map of the park. You may choose what kind of map. (Political, hiking/trail map, resource map, climate, physical, or road map.)